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Insch War Memorial Hospital

Insch Hospital 1920s

Insch Hospital is situated in the centre of the town in its own grounds, with an adjoining purpose built Health Centre, which was built in 1979. The Hospital was built as a result of a desire by the people of Insch to erect a memorial for those who gave their lives in the 1914-18 war.

In 1919, the local town council met with the parish councils of the surrounding areas, and it was agreed that a War Memorial Hospital should be built. In total £7500 was raised, with the bulk of this donated by public subscription and the building site was gifted. The original hospital was opened in August 1922, with provision for giving medical, surgical and maternity services, comprising of eight general beds, three maternity beds and an operating theatre.

Over the years, the building has been adjusted and accommodation increased to meet the changing needs and services required by the local community. The people of Insch and district have continued to take an interest in the Hospital, even after it was given over to the Health Board in 1948.

In 1972, a day room was added to the original building with funds again raised by the local community. The Friends of Insch Hospital and Community contributed funds to build another extension in 1993.

The Friends

The Friends of Insch Hospital and Community are a small Scottish charity based in the village of Insch in central Aberdeenshire. The Friends was set up in 1989 following a campaign against proposed closure of the local hospital's maternity unit but has gone on to tackle much wider issues.

The Friends have been a very active group over the years supporting both in-patients of the Insch War Memorial Hospital as well as numerous activities in the local community. For example, the Friends run a monthly lunch club, provide volunteers to support the local council day care service and fund venues for classes such as cardiac rehabilitation and falls prevention sessions.

The Friends Community Link Worker project was also responsible for setting up several local activities that have continued, with volunteer support, to run since the project ended. These include a monthly tea dance and walking groups in both Insch and Rhynie.

Insch Station

About the Friends Charity

If you are short of exciting bedtime reading material, various documents and web resources relating to the Friends of Insch Hospital and Community Charity can be viewed via the links below:

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