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The Insch Hospital Centenary Celebration is on August 21st, 2022. Details are on the poster below.

You can download the colouring competition drawing here and the Vintage Vehicle Parade entry form here.

Insch Centenary Poster

Strategic Needs Assessment Update, March 2022

Following the announcement in January that the AHSCP had delayed the Strategic Needs Assessment again, the next stage of the process is due to commence on the 3rd March. This next stage is to "Consider and evaluate all information and identify Service Delivery Plan options for consideration" and will be achieved through weekly 4 hour meetings of medical professionals, community members and AHSCP and NHS management figures. The Friends has been allocated 2 people to sit on those meetings as part of the Community sector. We hope to be able to update shortly as to the format of these meetings and what the outcome of them will be.

All AHSCP updates are posted on their website.

A Thank You

We would like to say a sincere 'Thank You' to all our anonymous donors. Throughout the year we receive money from people who have handed in donations for us via the hospital or Health Centre or have even paid money directly into our account at the TSB. Often people leave no contact details and sometimes not even a name. This usually means that we cannot thank people for their kindness. If you are one of those donors, please be assured that we really appreciate your generosity.

If however, you are making a donation to us and don't mind leaving contact details, please do so. We always like to say thank you more personally when we can.

And another thank you...

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